Ten Greatest Rock Albums

The list is alphabetical. And there are a couple controversial choices. I felt like I had to include Californication because it’s never discussed when the great rock albums are brought up and that makes no sense because there isn’t a bad track on that disc. And each song is completely different from all the others. It is a treasure trove of originality and excellence.

The same goes for The Doors’ debut. That might be the most underrated album of all time. It is perfect. Better than that other famous album that came out in 67.

Cough cough speaking of Sgt Peppers. The Beats in general are overrated. Revolver was the best thing they ever did.

The rest of the choices basically speak for themselves.

1. Californication by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. The Doors by The Doors

3. Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones

4. The Joshua Tree by U2

5. Led Zeppelin IV aka ZoSo by Led Zeppelin

6. London Calling by The Clash

7. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

8. Revolver by The Beatles

9. Rumors by Fleetwood Mac

10. Ten by Pearl Jam