Ten Favorite Board Games

This list is actually arranged in ranked order. My friend Paul and I did a podcast episode where we go through the list and you can find that here.

1. Defenders of the Realm

This game is absolutely amazing. Typically I like short, simple and uncomplicated games. This game is none of those. It is epic, huge, and takes hours. It feels like LOTR and DnD mashed up with the basic mechanics of Pandemic. Halfway through the first play through I knew it was my favorite game of all time.

2. Takenoko

This game is the Catan killer. Everything you like about Catan is here and everything you hate is gone. It’s also super cute and attracts people to the table with its bright colors and nice components. It’s the perfect family level board game. It’s also deeper than Catan in terms of strategy and options. It’s harder to teach than Ticket to Ride but it’s a lot less frustrating than that game can be. Truly an instant classic in every way.

3. Run, Fight or Die

This might be the most Amerithrash game ever. Dice rolling and killing Zombies. That’s about it. Oh yeah and a box of plastic Zombies comes with it…yeah that’s amerithrash. If you like Yahtzee/Farkle Games but want a lite theme then get King of Tokyo. If you like King of Tokyo but want awesome and deep theme get this. This game is fast and furious and cutthroat and amazing!!!!

4. NHL Icebreaker

This is the best sports game I’ve come across so far. It’s also one of the best 2 player games I’ve played. It’s amazingly simple based around poker and the simple traditional card game War but extremely fun and dramatic. Sports games focus too much on simulation. This game system is perfect for all sports and they need to start churning them out. So far they only have an American football game, which looks pretty good but I haven’t played it. But there are other decent football board games. Football and baseball are not hard to simulate. The continual movement based sports are very hard to adapt and this system is perfect for them. After this game rod hockey is probably my favorite table top sports game. And nothing else looks really captures the feel of a sport with as much fun and simplicity.

5. Risk: Star Wars Edition

Perfect recreation of the Battle of Endor. What more needs to said? It’s nothing like traditional risk.

6. Ghost Stories

The hardest game I’ve ever played. It’s tough as nails and beautiful as a sunset. Maybe the greatest coop game ever made in terms of pure design but it’s so hard it’s hard to place it higher than this.

7. Friday

Pure solitaire game and perfection…until the end. The end sequence is annoying. Other than that this game is simply fantastic.

8. Sushi Go!

Best card game I’ve ever come across. At least for its simplicity and fun. It’s easy to teach and never gets old.

9. Citadels

A modern classic. I think people will still be playing this in a hundred years.

10. Liar’s Dice.

A poker killer for me. It’s fun to bluff people! It’s also fun to shake a cup of dice and slam it on the table.