A Dark Salvation 

A Dark Salvation 

“Make a friend of horror”

Kurtz in his madness teaches

“Don’t fear the reaper”

The oyster cult preaches

And we cry macabre to these cultural leaches! 

Even though our own apostle longs to die

We have become deeply connected to this pig sty

Like the prodigals we remain unclean

Bathing in our lawlessness 

Pretending that this makes us unseen

But the wisest one has told us that the day 

we die is far better than the day we live

And we being poor don’t have very much to give

But the father only asks for your life

Why wouldn’t you give it up?

It’s full of suffering and strife

Outsiders should think we worship death, not cars

After all we worship the only God that truly died

This same god who crafted the very stars

Is the only god that dereliction has cried

So it is “horror” that Jesus preaches
And don’t “fear the reaper” he also teaches

And we have become the churchly leaches

When we pretend our gospel is one of peaches

Only by pain is pain overcome
And only by suffering is the victory won

And only by death is death made unstung 

And only this god can truly say “I am love”
Because he did not remain above

But descended to us through a man and a dove

True life is dying with him

Only by death can our real life begin.

For what is sown in shame will be resurrected in glory

That’s why we can take comfort in our story

Our deaths are not merely a passage to a cloud

But one day when the trumpet rings loud

We will find ourselves covered in shame no more

But bodily awake to the riches messiah has in store

For in his body all sin he bore

And in a thousand years the pain will be a memory from yore

And these saving truths are no folklore

For Our lord has died

And Our lord has risen

And so our death too lasts but a season

This hope in our hearts has a compelling reason

Our god has gone where we must go

And he has done these things to show

That nothing can overpower him

Please god grant us our new life begin!


The Ark

Every family an army,

Every wife and daughter a shield,

Every father and son a sword,

Every risk a dark fortress,

Every moment waiting for mistake,

Every day charging forward,

Every action the art of love,

Every thought the art of war,

Every hour the steady vanguard,

Every second moving toward,

The unlit path requires faith,

An unbreakable invisible thread,

That guides through goblin’s keep,

And to grandma’s arms is led,

The battle born child becomes a man,

The abandoned girl a woman,

But only together yet distinct can they truly be human,

Then in unison they cry silence,

All are one and yet distinct,

Resting quietly in reliance,

The weary head,

The tired feet,

The broken ribs,

The bloody hands,

Will finally find their rest complete,

When rain raises the boat above the sands.

An atheist stumbles around in the dark…part 1?

So far the second worst atheist I’ve come across, and by worst I don’t mean morally bankrupt even though this person’s views on infanticide are utterly disgusting, is the blogger at Confessions of a Young Earth Creationist. This person is like a mini me version of Lawrence Krauss and if you think that’s a compliment you need your head examined. “Limey” is his handle and he’s a real piece of work. If I hadn’t met the FSN guy first Limey would be my pick for dumbass of the year…decade…whatever.

Christians aren’t “supposed to talk this way” about others, but part of the problem with contemporary American Christianity is that it has no bite. We’re nice when we shouldn’t be (to assholes, terrorists, arrogant morons) and we aren’t nice when we should be (to homosexuals, democrats, Muslims). “Limey” isn’t someone who we should be nice to. We should treat fundamentalist atheists with contempt. Not because they disagree with us but because the New Atheist hates reason, facts, and truth. The new atheist is an idiot. 

There are lots of Atheists I respect. Stefan Molyneaux is a very good atheist. But Limey is not someone I respect and he deserves to be called an asshat, because he is an asshat. This person has demonstrated (like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Dennet, and the mythicists) that he is deeply deeply ignorant and incapable of dealing with the relevant issues in a manner resembling intellectual responsibility. Limey’s blog is essentially a troll. It is a waste of time and should be called such. That’s all the New Atheists are: trolls. They are anti intellectuals like Kent Hovind, Pat Robertson, Donald Trump, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Samantha Bee, Barack Obama, and Isis. 

Civil responsible academic intellectual endeavor is hard, it requires discipline and virtue. It requires patience and reliance on those who are truly knowledgeable and wise. Sadly Limey has none of these qualities and refuses to pursue them.

Here is the turd part of Limey’s current attempt to deconstruct Theism:


So far each post has been equally terrible. In any case I feel some responsibility to attempt to help this lost soul and hopefully deter other lost souls from his errors by responding to Limey when I can. Usually it’s with comments but I don’t feel like cutting and pasting 20 comments today so I’m just going to put my responses here and just post this on Limey’s pathetic excuse for a blog (to be fair its far better maintained than this blog, but Limey’s content is abysmal). 

Here’s my responses:
Did you notice the bait and switch in this one?”

No but you’re about to very poorly attempt a bait and switch.

Before I address that though, I am noticing a pattern in these first three items. They all focus on the fact that the universe exists and because we (as in our current state of human knowledge) can’t explain why, therefore there must be a god that put it in place.”

That’s simply inaccurate. They are logical demonstrations based upon premises that are very hard to deny. As usual you misunderstood the argument.

At its most basic it is an argument from ignorance in that a god is inserted where there is no currently accepted explanation. The language has evolved into something more sophisticated and of course I would expect adherents to deny this assertion. They have to.”

This is just nonsense. You don’t understand logic, and you don’t understand the argument. I know you don’t understand logic because part of your “argument” here is a common form of an Ad Hominem, aka a fallacy. What is so ironic about these statements is that you presume this desperation on the part of a Theist like Kreeft to meet some kind of “Freudian Need” but that in and of itself is a genetic fallacy. Also both claims can be levied at you! You have no reason for thinking Kreeft needs to believe in God nor any reason for why a need like that means Theism is false. This is pathetic. Plantinga has destroyed this line of reasoning many decades ago.

The issue that this item tried to answer is that of infinite regress, a subject that will be revisited by later items I am sure. Whatever exists must have something that existed before it. A tree came from a seed which came from a previously existing tree and so on. The universe exists and so must come from something that existed before it. Therefore god. But wait, what about before god? Where is the super god that created the universe god? Why stop at the first god that is assumed from the existence of the universe? How can the author of this argument be sure of anything regarding the god that supposedly caused this universe? They can’t be sure, that’s the problem. They’ve presupposed a god then created an argument to support it, but as with all arguments for god, they can’t step beyond imagining, the imagined god can never be tested or confirmed. We are supposed to just accept it.”

The problem with this sort of reply is that you’ve actually granted the whole argument. It wouldn’t matter how many “gods” were between the physical universe and the initial cause. Whatever the first cause is, that we call god. It isn’t an argument for the truth or falsehood of the Christian God or any god, it’s a logical conclusion that there is an uncaused thing that causes all other things. That’s it. You do this quite often, grant the premise and the form but dispute the conclusion. This is a very poor attempt at a response.

This brings me to the bait and switch. See this bit.

There must exist something which has to exist, which cannot not exist. This sort of being is called necessary. Either this necessity belongs to the thing in itself or it is derived from another. If derived from another there must ultimately exist a being whose necessity is not derived, that is, an absolutely necessary being. This absolutely necessary being is God.

To paraphrase: before the universe, there must be something that caused it (not entirely unreasonable, but is it true? We should really test that before building arguments based on it.), that something must exist (so no test, just assume it’s true and carry on), that thing must be a being (oh?), and that being is god (boof, there it is!)
The bait and switch fallacy is explained more here: http://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Bait-and-switch”

There is no such thing as the bait and switch fallacy and rational wiki is a huge turd, it’s basically a parody website for anti theists to engage in an intellectual circle jerk. Bait and switch is an action that can be performed with words but it’s not fallacious, it’s simply lying or “tricking.”

Bait and switch is that empty book on the Amazon bestseller list. People paid for an ebook on Democrats that had no words in it. They thought they were getting a book but instead they got nothing.

A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. Believing a lie is simply being duped.
Lawrence Krause actually does bait and switch every time he claims that the Universe came from nothing. He’s actually openly admitted to lying about the fact that when he says nothing he doesn’t actually mean nothing, he means something. So in his view something comes from something…what a shock…and his ultimate response is that we’ve had to redefine nothing to not actually be nothing…in other words he’s granted the theist’s entire case because he’s a very arrogant stupid man. 

The bigger problem here is that yet again you granted the premise, albeit with some reservation, then brought your naive scientism back into play. The claim is a logical claim. It cannot be “tested” in the way you wish it to be tested. It must be “tested” with logic, something you have demonstrated yourself to be incapable of time and again. This is a truly epic fail on your part to respond to this argument.

“There is another issue with the argument that is presented in this item, which is the whole issue of before the universe. See this bit.

If the universe began to exist, then all being must trace its origin to some past moment before which there existed—literally—nothing at all. But From nothing nothing comes. So The universe could not have begun. But suppose the universe never began. Then, for the infinitely long duration of cosmic history, all being had the built-in possibility not to be. But If in an infinite time that possibility was never realized,

The author has forgotten (or maybe ignored) the very important detail that time is a feature of matter. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this already but I’ll do it again. How we experience time is directly related to our proximity to matter. The same is also true of how we experience gravity. This time experience is a calculatable and measurable phenomenon. It has to be accounted for in GPS satellites and it is the reason why your head is not the same age as your feet (https://www.nist.gov/news-events/news/2010/09/nist-clock-experiment-demonstrates-your-head-older-your-feet).
The ultimate conclusion from this is that time, as we understand and experience it, started with the universe. Thus the universe has existed for all of time and the question of what was before needs to first answer the difficulty of how you can have a before time. The author of this item has skipped a very important step in his rush to justify the god that he’s predetermined must exist.”

My god…I just don’t understand how you could possibly think that this is in any way a meaningful response. The idea you’re describing is actually incorrect. You’re speaking of subjective experience of time and gravity (which is evidence for dualism and a denial of materialism because subjective experience is by definition immaterial, everyone agrees on this Sam Harris and Dan Dennet included) in the context of a logical argument about sequence…which makes no sense, but also you’ve misunderstood that it is the gravitational force itself which causes time to function the way it does in relation to matter. So what you should have said was time is effected by gravity and gravity is dependent upon matter therefore time is dependent upon matter. But that argument is fallacious because time itself (a huge area of philosophical study) is not dependent upon gravity for its existence. Time would be possible without gravity, in fact the argument of a dependence relation between time and gravity makes no sense in the first place because gravity acts upon time, or effects time. That is why “time qua time” is studied by philosophers and not scientists. Scientists do study time and contribute to the philosophical discussion but ultimately the study of time is a logical one not a “scientific” study.

But more importantly if there were such a thing as the bait and switch fallacy (really it’s a red herring, which is probably what you actually meant) then you commit it constantly, especially here. Because your explanation of how you misunderstand time and beg the question that time is dependent upon matter had nothing to do with that last argument by Kreeft. This whole post really made very little sense, which is clearly your MO. Just like your heros Krause, Dawkins, Dennet, you make very little sense but try to sound “scientific” because like a pastor trying to speak Christianese you Scientismists think that sounding scientific means something is scientific. Kreeft’s arguments have nothing to do with science. They are philosophical, something you know nothing about so it’s unsurprising that you can’t comprehend these arguments. 

You are very very bad at this and really you should probably stop because your blog is itself a troll, it’s just a useless pointless piece of the internet. It’s like that empty book on Amazon. Anyone who comes here was baited and switched because they probably thought they might learn something…but you can’t learn something…from nothing.

The difference between Rational and irrational can be obvious 

Compare this:

To this:

The difference between good and evil isn’t always “moral” sometimes it’s just reason vs non reason. Judd basically said nothing, she blustered a bunch of “phobias” and nonsense. This isn’t a movement it’s just bullshit. The March for life has been going on since Roe V Wade. It’s coverage is as scanty as Gaga’s clothes will be during the SBowl halftime show. 

But The March for Life is part of a movement that actually is grass roots and is sustained over decades without support by any US power centers (the Ivy League schools and either political party). It is populated by all political, religious, demographic, philosophical, etc. It is a marvel.
The coverage should have been marveling at the fact that the March for life outdid the women’s March by almost 200,000. A cause that is vilified as mysogny at the highest levels of cultural power within the west was supported by over half a million people, most of them women…

Is the world good or evil? Well it seems like we get to choose, sadly we often choose badly. Sadly we often listen to demons who say orgasms are more important than infants. Demons that whisper to us that we are only animals, we aren’t free, we aren’t responsible so we should just do whatever we feel. The women’s march was a choice for evil, a choice for feelings over human life. The March for life was a choice for goodness. 

We could see the end of RvW in the next few years, some of it depends on the President but most of it depends on our legislatures which means that it also depends on us. Tell your representatives what you want, tell them you think irresponsible sex isn’t worth the price of millions of infants’ lives. It’s time to push, to disobey, to persuade, to forgive and offer forgiveness, to adopt, to suffer for the lives of the yet to be born. It’s always been time to pray and now it seems like God may be turning the tide against this evil in our midst.

Top Ten Books (fiction & non fiction)

1. The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I grew up watching the movie but when I read the introduction I knew this was my favorite book. I read it 2 or 3 more times before I realized S. Morgenstern didn’t exist and the whole thing was just a product of Goldman’s fertile imagination.  Simply amazing. This book is pure magic.

2. Tree of Salvation by G. Ronald Murphy

This book changed my life. The good news of Jesus Christ came alive to me in a way I never would’ve thought possible. The picture that headlines this blog was inspired by this book. My poem Yggdrasil: The Winter Soldier was inspired by this book. I have a shrine in my study that I made because of this book. This book gave me an emotional and artistic language. I love it.


3. A wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

I love this book. Read it. It’s genius.

4. Jurassic Park and The Lost World by Michael Crichton 

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve always been obsessed with Dinosaurs but I’ve actually read each of these 3 times and I don’t currently own a copy of either. I’m really not a big reader or a fast one, but I’ve literally picked up JP in Barnes and Nobles just to look at a chapter and half an hour later had to buy the book just because…then spent the rest of the day reading it. Crichton wasn’t a great writer, he created very convincing worlds with exciting concept driven plots. But these two books just hold me. I actually read the lost world out loud to my brother when I was in 5th grade. 2 days of reading out loud, and when he went to bed I was so into it I would actually read ahead…just because I had to know what would happen next. Some things just connect to us and we don’t really know why…I wish it was Les Mis or the Brothers K but I just don’t like that sort of fiction. I like dinosaurs. Sue me.

5. The Blindside by Michael Lewis

The film was great but this book, like Moneyball, tells a larger tale. Michael & the Tuohys form the spirit and heart but the body is American gridiron Football and how it evolved. It’s amazing. Lewis has a unique ability to tell personal story as well as complex scholarly analysis. This book is entertaining and enlightening.

6. The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien 

I can’t say anything that hasn’t been said elsewhere better. These books are amazing. The films are the best/worst literary adaptation ever because when they’re on they are pitch perfect and when they’re off they’re really off. Sadly the second trilogy took that ratio from like 90% success to 50% or less. Regardless Tolkien was a genius. These books are treasures.

6. Soccernomics by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski

I don’t know what to say except this book enthralled me. I don’t totally understand why. If you don’t like Association football you may not be able to understand this book. But if you’re interrested in soccer/football at all check this book out. It will piss you off and open your mind.

7. Sacred Sorrow by Michael Card

The heart of the Jesus Faith is sadness. Sadness connects us to Jesus, the man of sorrow. A true Christian is marked by sadness. If not his or her own then the sadness of others. This book taught me that my mental illness, my scars, my sorrows were my best sacrifice of praise. They are not things to be hidden from God but things to be presented to him. Jesus is the only God who asks for our weaknesses. All others want our strength and goodness but Jesus is the shame eater. Jesus absorbs all our evil and brokenness and breaks it into a million pieces. He takes these pieces and turns them into little diamonds and they become the Stars that guide us through the night and finally to our true home: Jesus. Sadness is the key to life, not success. Sadness is sacred. If you want to find Jesus search for sadness. There you will always find him.

8. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller 

With this book Miller became the Bob Dylan/Beatles/Ramones etc of comic books. He exploded Batman and put him back together better than ever. The animated film version is great but it lacks Miller’s voice (literally because there is no VO in the film). And almost everything Miller did with Batman has found its way into the Nolan Trilogy and BVS so many elements here will seem old to new readers but this book remains a hurricane of superhero excellence. This is the true citizen Kane of superheroes and comics. Watchmen is great but this is better. The moral conflicts of this psychological opera are more relevant today than they were before. We keep looking to others to solve our problems and tell us what to do or believe but at the end of the day it’s always up to you. What will you do with your life? Blame? Complain? Or will you join Batman in his holy unholy crusade against evil? The true Dark Knight awaits you in these pages and he wants to make you one of his disciples!

9. God’s Battalions: The Case for the Crusades by Rodney Stark

Think the crusades are proof that religion is evil? If the first thing you think of when the crusades come up is racism, colonialism, patriarchy, etc then you need this book. The crusades are far more interesting, amazing, and tragic than you know. This was a non fiction page turner like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing.

10. To Change the World: The Irony, Tregedy, and Possiblilty of Christianity in the late modern world by James Davison Hunter

To me this book was the key that unlocked the world. Especially from the perspective of morality and ethics. Hunter is the guy who coined the phrase culture wars back when no one believed such a thing existed. In this book he explains that war and what Christians should really do about it. Spoiler: it’s boring, just do what Jesus said to do. The forces that run this world are big and powerful and there’s not much we can do to change it. That’s okay. All we need to do is be faithful. That’s all any of us ever can do. He didn’t call us to change the world (that’s his job) he called us to change ourselves and follow him regardless of the outcome.

Poor little cats

I love my cats. I never thought I could be a cat person…but I am. They are so weird and strange. Dogs are wonderful servants and companions. They are great pets. Cats are…like little people. They aren’t actually great pets. They don’t feel like pets, they feel like tiny humans. They’re always doing their own thing. They express needs. They hide. They appear out of nowhere. They freak out. One day they want to be held, the next they want to follow you from room to room.

They are so funny. 

My neighbors have an Irish Wolfhound. I was out on our balcony having a little cigar with my morning coffee (a really little Cigar, by Captain Black the popular pipe tabacco company) and the Wolfhound came out for his morning pee and both Doc and Wyatt run out of the apartment to investigate. Their eyes get big and they keep moving around trying to get a better look at this…monster peeing. It was so funny. My cats don’t seem that little to me anymore, because they were really really little just a year ago. But this morning looking at the fear in their eyes I realized just how little they really are. Wolfhounds are like the size of an adult human…cats are like the size of a human baby. 

Often when my heart swells with affection for these odd furry creatures I see myself through God’s eyes. I am so little. So much tinier than a cat when compared to God’s infinite incomparableness. And he loves me so much more than I love these dumb cats. We spent $2,000 last year on surgery for Wyatt after he ate so much string that he was literally going to die if we didn’t have the vet remove it from his intestines. And we don’t have a lot of money. But it didn’t really hurt. It was like, well what else would we do. As Jesus said 2,000 years ago why do you worry about anything? Look at the birds, or the flowers! God gives them everything they need, how much more does he love you! If I am willing to spend thousands on dollars on a cat what is God willing to do for me? He literally gave us everything in his son. He literally paid an infinite gift of love for us.

It’s like Psalm 23. The Lord is my cat owner. I lack nothing. He takes me to the veterinarian when I eat too much string. He leads me to fancy feast. He empties my litter box.

Many of us have no connection to sheep. The image of the shepherd doesn’t mean as much to us as it did to King David. So the next time you think God doesn’t love you, don’t shame yourself just imagine you’re a poor little cat sitting on Jesus’ lap.