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Taking the Red Pill

What’s really amazing about this film is that it actually is very honest. They hit everybody. And there’s no question that the MRAs get the majority of screen time. But it is called the Red Pill afterall.

Gosnell coverup continues

That’s an old article but it’s subject couldn’t be more relevant. Because it’s proof that the Washington Post, NYT, & any media that is trying to hide the Gosnell story are fake news. The people responsible for this disaster of journalistic integrity would claim that children should be protected when they can be used to discredit the Roman Catholic Church but that they are willing to pay any price to protect the murder of millions of infants. 

The NYT has lied about the sales of the book Gosnell. Eric Metaxas pointed out on his podcast, while interviewing the authors of that book for the second time, that the Times will claim that their bestseller list isn’t a report as much as it is an editorial but that this makes no sense because they actually point to new and noteworthy books that don’t make the list!

There are good sources for true news available for free. It may be time to turn off your TV and start subscribing to some podcasts. There are at least 3 sources you can point people to that will help spread true news about Gosnell:

1. The Federalist Podcast & Blog, there is an interview with the couple who made the film on the podcast from last week and the blog has several articles about this

2. The Eric Metaxas show has at least two interviews with the couple so far, I’m pretty sure he will have them on again sooner rather than later

3. The Bill O’Reilly interview with this couple that basically rocketed the book to an instant bestseller, as well as their coverage since they are the only mainstream media that is covering this

It’s time to turn the tide. The media have declared their allegiance to evil. You need to declare your allegiance to goodness and truth. Metaxas said that this book could be the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the 21st century because like that book it opened eyes and closed hearts against slavery. The rampant infanticide taking place in the west is the civil rights issue of our time, this may be the key that unlocks the door to freedom for millions. Spread this story.

Dick Carrier is Fake News

Dick Carrier is a materialist dogmatist who produces Ad Hoc research.

I am sort of making an Ad Hominem argument here…but that’s only a fallacy if a) character is irrelevant to the question at hand and b) it is alone.

Here is a fallacious ad hominem 

1) Trump is a mysoginist

2) Trump wants to build a wall between the US & Mexico

C: Building a wall between the US and Mexico is evil

Or even this

1) Trump is a racist

2) repeat of previous premise 2

C: repeat of previous conclusion 

The second argument is more relevant but still ultimately fallacious.

My argument against Dick Carrier is this 

P1: DC is a dogmatic materialist 

P2: DC is a Darwinist 

P3: P1 & P2 are incompatible with Christianity 

C: therefore DC’s anti Christian scholarship is ad hoc

This doesn’t make his work false it just makes it ignorable, and it’s one of the main reasons his stuff gets panned by Christians. I don’t expect people who believe the sorts of things that Dick Carrier believes to take Christian apologists seriously because he’s an atheist apologist. I don’t take Dick Dawkins seriously because like the first Dick I mentioned this second Dick is a stunning example of confirmation bias.

I would take this pair of Dicks seriously if I cared about anything they actually are experts in…but fortunately for me they are incompetent on all the stuff I care about.

For evidence of DC’s ad hoc views listen to “Unbelievable? Dec. 16, 2016. Was Hitler Anti-Christian?”

He’s like a young earth creationist trying to prove that Darwin recounted Darwinism on his death bed. It’s quite sad. I think the best way to argue with Dicks like these is just to let them make their arguments…they have to make the conclusions they make because of their beliefs in P1 & P2.

I suppose the same could be said of Christians…but if these Dicks (not Christian dicks, the first Dicks I was talking about) are right…who cares? If these Dicks are right then killing Downs Syndrome infants is moral…if these Dicks are right…then nothing matters…so who cares? Their views are ad hoc for the sake of apathy! Well…it’s hard to take these Dicks too seriously…because let’s face it…they’re dicks. And if Jesus was who he said he was then actually quite a bit matters…really everything matters. That doesn’t make anything true or false, it just makes one serious and the other meaningless.

If you listen to that podcast you’ll find that DC’s whole point in trying to prove Hitler was a Christian (which he utterly fails to do, he barely even attempts to) is that he’s anti Trump. That’s pretty much it. He knows that if he says Hitler = Christian enough some idiots will believe him and then he connects American Christianity (that is nothing like the “Postive Christian” sect DC claims Hitler held to) to Trump and the idiots go “Ahhh! A clue Sherlock!” And somehow that convoluted piece of junk reasoning makes the case against both Trump & Christianity and promotes his real agenda of spreading P1 & P2. This is beyond stupid. This is pure ad hoc emotion.

If you disagree with Trump then argue against Trump. But do it with legal reasons or moral ones. Don’t do it with emotion.

If anything the fact that Evangelicals voted for Trump shows that he’s deeply dissimilar to Hitler because Evangelicals are anti Islam, very Zionist, and anti infanticide. Evangelicals voted for Trump because of all the reasons they think Hitler was evil, in other words they voted for Trump for the same reasons they wouldn’t have voted for Hitler.

In any case Dicks like Carrier are evil. They need to be stood up. Not with fists but with words.

Obama remains a moron

Everybody wants to talk about how narcissistic Trump is…

Obama gave the single longest farewell address for a president ever. I just heard he took longer than the last 4 presidents combined! Then he proceeded to refer to himself 74 times in 50 minutes…this is narcissism. This man is a pure politician. He lacks any ability to govern and only the ability to get elected. His presidency was easily one of the most ineffective in our Nations’ history. How does a pathetic president with a presidency in need of cialis get to belabor his leaving the Oval Office like this?

Obama is in love with Obama. Obama is the final proof that high self esteem makes us bad not good. Not only does he think infanticide is a moral necessity he tried to force everyone in America to provide for infanticide. Obama is the president that fought The Little Sisters of the Poor!!!! This man is a monster. Good riddance. I doubt Trump will be a good or great president but almost anything is better than Obama.

His farewell address was also loaded with lies. I’m actually getting angry writing this because it’s amazing just how horrible a person he is and yet not only did he win the Nobel peace prize while being the only president in US history to be at war for every single day of his presidency but he has been uniformly treated by the liberal media as a heroic figure. 

All the conservatives I respect are trying to make a point that there was not even a shred of scandal attached to him personally…that is true and he seems like a nice man and a nice father. But we all know nice and scandal-less doesn’t make for good character. He has terrible character. He is a public liar. That should be enough to condemn him. Anything you can say about Trump you can say about Obama except that Trump is nice…he’s certainly not nice.

In his farewell he said that he had put an end to terrorism and terrorist attacks ceased under his watch. More terrorist attacks took place on US soil (let alone internationally) during his presidency than all previous presidents combined. This man is a disaster. I wanted him to be great. I wanted him to be our Nelson Mandela. I wanted our first black president to become a hero and icon for our country on the level of Lincoln…not only did he not come close to that he went the other way entirely. It boggles the mind, the stupidity of this man.

Bye bye Barack “Jackass” Obama. Anyone who misses you is an idiot. Your “reign” should’ve ended 4 years ago.