A dirge for the stars

The sky is gone

We tamed it

My heart is gone

They maimed it

Where can a man go to see the stars?

We wander an earth made of bars

Our organs transplanted into jars

On the way to dusty death

The replacement sons of Seth

The sky is dull 

We blamed it

My heart is dull

They stained it

Out out brief candle 

Life I could not handle 

But maybe I can stand till

The final son reappears

And drinks up all our tears

And the sea itself disappears 

Because a new ocean we will know

And in the stars themselves will row

And with Yggdrasil’s seeds we sow

A future world that will show

All our pains that here do grow

Are merely the basis for the fallow

So outside the camp we follow

Where death itself He did swallow

And saved all who slave below

The sky is bright

He saved it

My eyes fill with light 

Though I betrayed it

A Dark Salvation 

A Dark Salvation 

“Make a friend of horror”

Kurtz in his madness teaches

“Don’t fear the reaper”

The oyster cult preaches

And we cry macabre to these cultural leaches! 

Even though our own apostle longs to die

We have become deeply connected to this pig sty

Like the prodigals we remain unclean

Bathing in our lawlessness 

Pretending that this makes us unseen

But the wisest one has told us that the day 

we die is far better than the day we live

And we being poor don’t have very much to give

But the father only asks for your life

Why wouldn’t you give it up?

It’s full of suffering and strife

Outsiders should think we worship death, not cars

After all we worship the only God that truly died

This same god who crafted the very stars

Is the only god that dereliction has cried

So it is “horror” that Jesus preaches
And don’t “fear the reaper” he also teaches

And we have become the churchly leaches

When we pretend our gospel is one of peaches

Only by pain is pain overcome
And only by suffering is the victory won

And only by death is death made unstung 

And only this god can truly say “I am love”
Because he did not remain above

But descended to us through a man and a dove

True life is dying with him

Only by death can our real life begin.

For what is sown in shame will be resurrected in glory

That’s why we can take comfort in our story

Our deaths are not merely a passage to a cloud

But one day when the trumpet rings loud

We will find ourselves covered in shame no more

But bodily awake to the riches messiah has in store

For in his body all sin he bore

And in a thousand years the pain will be a memory from yore

And these saving truths are no folklore

For Our lord has died

And Our lord has risen

And so our death too lasts but a season

This hope in our hearts has a compelling reason

Our god has gone where we must go

And he has done these things to show

That nothing can overpower him

Please god grant us our new life begin!


The Ark

Every family an army,

Every wife and daughter a shield,

Every father and son a sword,

Every risk a dark fortress,

Every moment waiting for mistake,

Every day charging forward,

Every action the art of love,

Every thought the art of war,

Every hour the steady vanguard,

Every second moving toward,

The unlit path requires faith,

An unbreakable invisible thread,

That guides through goblin’s keep,

And to grandma’s arms is led,

The battle born child becomes a man,

The abandoned girl a woman,

But only together yet distinct can they truly be human,

Then in unison they cry silence,

All are one and yet distinct,

Resting quietly in reliance,

The weary head,

The tired feet,

The broken ribs,

The bloody hands,

Will finally find their rest complete,

When rain raises the boat above the sands.

Sinner’s hope

The regular confession I bring

Like a guilt offering

Could atonement never make

Nor my heart truly break

Salvation is made not by Mere repentance

For before you all are in the traitor’s stance

Until your son takes my place

I have no hope to see your face

For our confessions do not save

Only through the one who trampled over the grave

The mystery of thy love my mind does confound

For truths such as these are infinitely profound

Accept me as thy son so I may be brought in

Forgive my sin oh god of heaven

I want to feel the texture of thy eternal grace

Song of the Infanticide 

I finished the Gosnell book and it filled me with a poetic passion. I felt so grateful that we live in a world where evil is fought with truth and hate with is fought is love. But of course passion is suffering, and I began to cry as the book came to a close because Gosnell’s thousands of victims had no chance for justice of any sort in this life. They must look to the new heavens and new earth for justice, as really all of us must.

As a man who will never father children the issue of infanticide has a different significance to me. I have come to believe that in the eschaton (the final state of the cosmos after Jesus’ return) there will be lost children waiting for me. Orphans that will be given to me and my wife as our sons and daughters. And I think many of these children will have suffered the grave injustice of legalized murder. 

I wrote this poem for myself, my wife, and Gosnell’s victims (all of them, the people seeking his services, his staff, his children and wives, but most importantly those he murdered).

Song of the Infanticide 

Some where in the night there sits a spider 

Weaving webs into a noose to bind her

But instead it sits upon his shoulder

And it’s tied to the top of Winter’s Soldier

Fruit of the womb the spider has eaten 

And to our eyes the children are beaten 

But one day we shall see them undefeated

For soon this spider will be unseated 

And down his own webs he will follow

Haman’s path to the cup and swallow

The wine of his own pressing

And find it poison to the tasting 

On that day the one who suffers

By drinking poison made by others 

Will ask the spider for his wine 

So that the spider may later dine

In the new world that is to come 

Where spider victims shine like the sun

But the spider will look to his web

And find that it has become his bed

There he hangs in eternal restless sleep

And then his murders will begin to peep

Open eyes that have never opened

And hear with ears that never listened

And run with legs that never ran

And swim with arms that never swam

Singing with throats that never sung 

“Death itself has been undone!

The spider has not won!

Hung upon the gallows he spun!

The gallows rode by the true son!

By death we can no longer be stung!

For upon our gallows true son has hung!”

Empty arms these children will fill

And quaking hearts they will still

These families made in future land

Against the final evil will stand 

A misfit gang of warriors they band

Around the winter soldier hand in hand 

A question to the past they broach 

As Ragnarok makes it’s final approach 

“Join the spider and die like a roach?

Or let go of your webs and finally come home.”

Sherlock 4.3

Rating: 6/10

This review is very late, good thing nobody reads this blog! It’s still basically spoiler free though.

This show got really weird. But truthfully this was always a weird show. It’s always had that Doctor Who vibe…for obvious reasons. But Doctor Who is supposed to be weird, that’s part of its bizarre pulp charm. Sherlock was a strange show because it was part of its time, the time of reboots, and reboots are something Sherlock Holmes adaptations sort of invented. Holmes is kind of the quintessential nerd “IP.”

Let me count the ways:

1. the character is a nerd, socially unacceptable and brilliant

2. he’s clearly a super hero, not just a great detective like Miss Marple but an honest to God crime fighter, he’s like Batman without all the dressing, take Zorro add Holmes throw in some tragedy and empathy out comes Bats

3. After the Cthulhu Mythos, Holmes is one of the main IPs (that aren’t IPs because no one owns them) that essentially produced fan fiction, back when Fan fiction was published novels of IPs in the public domain 

4. He’s a tech and chem nerd

5. He started the whole dead but not really dead thing which is how comic books have survived for so long 

Holmes really has it all when it comes to nerd cred. And by bringing him into the 21st century with such ease the Sherlock team did what really seemed so obvious it was almost mundane after 1 season. This is made more obvious by the fact that the Downey films were concurrent and tried to do the same thing but backwards. Steam punk is in these days so Guy Ritchie et al figured they could update the character by simultaneously returning him to his grungy anti social roots but in a hip Lethal Weaponish way. Those two films did well at the box office but they’re barely watchable trash. It is always obvious that they are trying to entertain you, they are trying to be interesting…and they almost never are.

Sherlock however is effortless. At least when it works. When that show doesn’t work it isn’t ever clear why, something is just a miss. Usually it seems to be the story. Spin a good yarn and Sherlock knits a nice sweater (or peacoat). But if you have no story to tell then…it’s just a weird super smart guy…with a cell phone.

That’s one reason the show works when it works. They embrace the trappings of our time but not it’s sensibilities. Whereas the Ritchie movies don’t embrace the trappings of any time and try to force modern sensibilities. Story is driven by the world the story inhabits. Tolkien is the greatest example of this: he discovered the true nature of Bilbo’s ring within his own mythos, and the rest is…the establishment of a genre essentially relegated to pulp magazines. But in Sherlock the cell phone, the blog, etc are all elements that drive story in very organic ways. It’s simple and honest and that’s why it works.

But the 4th Season of Sherlock and especially the last episode keeps trying to focus on the characters and giving us new things to see and learn about them. That sounds nice but there are several problems with this:

1. These characters are interesting because they are fun to watch not fun to learn about 

2. We don’t really need to learn anything new about these characters, we want to see how they will solve New and original problems

3. The new information given is weak…and feels contrived, but even if it were interesting and organic the first two points would still stand 

I’ve basically kept this spoiler free so I won’t change that now. Sherlock is still far more worth your time than much of the crap on TV/streaming but it certainly has highs and lows. This last episode had some great moments…but it didn’t hold together, and that’s basically true of the whole 4th series. 3 is probably the best series overall but 1&2 have the 4 best episodes. Series 4 is clearly the most mixed. At least it’s something interesting to write about…I don’t know if they’re making more but I’ll certainly watch it if they do but I’m not as excited for a new series as I used to be.

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