Taking the Red Pill

I did a “review” of the mask society wants you to live in a while ago. I couldn’t even finish that film because it is very poor in every regard, and infuriating. It’s essentially a load of feminist philosophy trying to infantilize and feminize men. Basically if you watched ten seconds of Hermione’s abysmal He for She speech you know exactly what is happening: Maleness is the problem, and maleness needs to be deconstructed and replaced with some version of feminity.

The Red Pill is a different story altogether.

What’s really amazing about this film is that it actually is very honest. They hit everybody. And there’s no question that the MRAs get the majority of screen time. But it is called the Red Pill afterall. She’s trying to make a case for moving past feminism into a truthful discussion of sex. And I hate saying things are brave when they don’t have to do with facing down radical Islam or firefighting etc. Things where your life is in danger. So…I’m not going to say Cassie is brave for making this film. But I want to. Especially because of how she ends it. 

Really this film is principled. And there is a sense in which that is courageous in a day when Michael Moore makes films that intentionally distort the truth. He was post truth before the leftist media was willing to admit our society was post truth. And I think part of why I do want to say she’s brave is that I don’t think of women as being as brave as men, because if this was made by a man I probably wouldn’t consider it being brave for a second. So I’m gonna honor Cassie by not infantilizing her and consider her principled. Which is a high compliment in an age that signals virtue but never attains it.

The film isn’t exactly pro MRA but it’s certainly anti feminist. And that is fair becaus feminist dogmas are so prevalent in western culture that they don’t need to be the focus of any discussion about MRAs. MRAs need to be heard. And she also does give the feminists opportunities to speak back. Usually they bury themselves with their own irrationalism and hatred. 

One segment that stood out to me was Catherine Spillar. When asked if men are disadvantaged Spillar says: “Not under the law.”

Okay well then neither are women. If she means the actual laws, then neither are women. Fine case settled. Women aren’t disadvantaged and neither are men. Good I’m glad we settled that. Except wait, the equal rights amendment never passed. Why? Because women fought it. Because the equal rights amendment would’ve put women on a truly equal legal field as men, which would have disadvantaged women. At the end of the day no one except transgender activists really want women to register for selective service. The equal rights amendment would’ve made that and other related issues a virtual certainty. And that means really, legally women are advantaged over men. They are given all the rights but not all the responsibility. That is a legal advantage.

Then Spillar says:

“Men are advantaged over women. No question. No one can debate that. Not with any seriousness.”
So…either she’s stupid or a liar. The facts are what the facts are and they simply do not aly with feminist dogma.

I am not an MRA. But I hate feminism. I think ultimately MRAs and feminism are mired in the philosophy of the welfare state and identity politics. That being said there are clearly causes on both sides that I think any rational person should see are just. But in many ways the central problem is law itself and a loss of virtue. Because at the end of the day feminism is the absent abusive abortive single mother of MRAs. 

I sound a lot like an MRA, because their basic presentation of facts is correct and feminism is literally an anti factual prescriptivist philosophy.

I give this film a 10/10 because as I said it was essentially honest and attention holding. Those are essentially the only aspects of a documentary that matter. We constantly hear about a lack of female directors (like we constantly hear about lots of things there aren’t enough women doing) but Cassie did a fine job on this film. I doubt Hollywoo will be calling anytime soon. But Bryan Singer is a rapist…and he’s got several projects lined up despite having made very few good films.

That’s something that really proves Cassie’s point about feminism. Being anti feminist makes you worse than a rapist. Well I guess it’s okay if you only rape boys. And we all know Singer has no interest in raping girls (which all women should be thankful for since he is a truly devious SoB), so I guess boy raping isn’t really that bad. I mean the First Lady of France did it. She committed adultery, therefore sinning against her husband, by authority raping one of her students. What a turd. She seems like an all around misandrist.  

Actually I take that back, I mean Roman Polanski is a lady rapist as well and so are the Clintons. So I guess Hollywoo is a pro feminist pro rapist society.


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