Huck Vol. 1

Mark Millar might be the best comics writer…ever. His current way of doing things is just so excellent. His print runs are basically like British TV series. He doesn’t care about producing monthly books but rather unique event series. Huck was an event. It’s a beautiful and simple story. If you hated Man of Steel and BvS then this is for you. Millar was so disturbed by the ending of Man of Steel that he felt like he needed to write something that would heal him. And this was the product.

I loved Man of Steel and BvS because of the controversial aspects, because of the way they tweaked the characters and mythology. But it was bleak. I like bleak. Bleak But Huck…this is retro and modern. It is proof that Hope doesn’t have to stupid. It can be beautiful, elegant, heartbreaking, and exciting. It references what might be Millar’s greatest work, Red Son, and combines small town heroism with an epic heart.

This is Comics at its best. This is a gift. I know I’m gushing…but there’s much to gush about.

Keep it up Millar. When all is said and done Millar will be spoken of in the same brief as Finger, Miller, Moore, Eisner, etc.


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2 thoughts on “Huck Vol. 1

  1. Millar is hit and miss for me (I think he has a problem expressing nuance and subtlety) but I have to say, Huck is really great. It’s just good-natured and an all around pleasant read. I feel the same about Chrononauts, if you’ve ever picked that up.


    1. I think that’s a good observation. I guess that’s one reason I enjoy his writing so much is because he really does just tell stories and he doesn’t care about nuance and subtlety! Haha

      I’ve had Chrononauts on my kindle for like a year and just haven’t gotten around to it. But I’ve yet to read something by him I didn’t like a lot

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