A dirge for the stars

The sky is gone

We tamed it

My heart is gone

They maimed it

Where can a man go to see the stars?

We wander an earth made of bars

Our organs transplanted into jars

On the way to dusty death

The replacement sons of Seth

The sky is dull 

We blamed it

My heart is dull

They stained it

Out out brief candle 

Life I could not handle 

But maybe I can stand till

The final son reappears

And drinks up all our tears

And the sea itself disappears 

Because a new ocean we will know

And in the stars themselves will row

And with Yggdrasil’s seeds we sow

A future world that will show

All our pains that here do grow

Are merely the basis for the fallow

So outside the camp we follow

Where death itself He did swallow

And saved all who slave below

The sky is bright

He saved it

My eyes fill with light 

Though I betrayed it


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