The Ark

Every family an army,

Every wife and daughter a shield,

Every father and son a sword,

Every risk a dark fortress,

Every moment waiting for mistake,

Every day charging forward,

Every action the art of love,

Every thought the art of war,

Every hour the steady vanguard,

Every second moving toward,

The unlit path requires faith,

An unbreakable invisible thread,

That guides through goblin’s keep,

And to grandma’s arms is led,

The battle born child becomes a man,

The abandoned girl a woman,

But only together yet distinct can they truly be human,

Then in unison they cry silence,

All are one and yet distinct,

Resting quietly in reliance,

The weary head,

The tired feet,

The broken ribs,

The bloody hands,

Will finally find their rest complete,

When rain raises the boat above the sands.


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