The difference between Rational and irrational can be obvious 

Compare this:

To this:

The difference between good and evil isn’t always “moral” sometimes it’s just reason vs non reason. Judd basically said nothing, she blustered a bunch of “phobias” and nonsense. This isn’t a movement it’s just bullshit. The March for life has been going on since Roe V Wade. It’s coverage is as scanty as Gaga’s clothes will be during the SBowl halftime show. 

But The March for Life is part of a movement that actually is grass roots and is sustained over decades without support by any US power centers (the Ivy League schools and either political party). It is populated by all political, religious, demographic, philosophical, etc. It is a marvel.
The coverage should have been marveling at the fact that the March for life outdid the women’s March by almost 200,000. A cause that is vilified as mysogny at the highest levels of cultural power within the west was supported by over half a million people, most of them women…

Is the world good or evil? Well it seems like we get to choose, sadly we often choose badly. Sadly we often listen to demons who say orgasms are more important than infants. Demons that whisper to us that we are only animals, we aren’t free, we aren’t responsible so we should just do whatever we feel. The women’s march was a choice for evil, a choice for feelings over human life. The March for life was a choice for goodness. 

We could see the end of RvW in the next few years, some of it depends on the President but most of it depends on our legislatures which means that it also depends on us. Tell your representatives what you want, tell them you think irresponsible sex isn’t worth the price of millions of infants’ lives. It’s time to push, to disobey, to persuade, to forgive and offer forgiveness, to adopt, to suffer for the lives of the yet to be born. It’s always been time to pray and now it seems like God may be turning the tide against this evil in our midst.


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