“Abortion” is eugenics, always and forever 


Infanticide is to America what the Shoah is to Germany. No slavery isn’t our Shoah it’s infanticide. As evil as the slave trade was there were still slaves to free…the millions of murdered infants are dead…they are completely beyond our reach. All we can do is mourn them. All the downs children we will never see, all the children with special needs we will never get on help, all the people we decided don’t really matter…all gone.


4 thoughts on ““Abortion” is eugenics, always and forever 

  1. Respectfully, you are not understanding the word “eugenics” that means “controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics”. It has absolutely nothing to do with why most people are pro-choice. But I understand the overflow of sentiments provoked by this heartfelt witness.

    I do not ignore there is a problem.
    —Abortion is an important subject. I just wrote an article on this.
    Here: apistevist.wordpress.com/2017/01/31/dare-i-say-the-a-word/


    1. You’re right about that in America. In the Scandinavian countries it clearly is being used for Eugenics. They’re open about this. Dick Dawkins has been open about this. And they are using it exactly the way you define it. You are wrong.


    2. I read your article and it adds nothing to the debate, you’re regurgitating fallacious arguments and ambiguities. Then it becomes clear at the end you are ultimately just virtue signaling your lack of moral conviction on a subject that is pretty simple.


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