Finish this fight!

I always say that I don’t care if the cowboys lose as long as they do their best. I always say what I really care about is that we play a good game.

Today…the truth is if we lose…regardless of how close it is…We have failed. The Cowboys aren’t a suffering fan base. We’re not the Cubs or the Eagles or the Blazers. We’re still the Lakers, Yankees, Maple Leafs, Brazil, & All Blacks of the NFL. We just haven’t been great in a while. But today we are the best team in the NFL and if we lose today then we have really truly failed.

We are healthy. We have all the pieces. Run game, pass game, special teams, defense…we have everything we need to win it all. If we don’t there are no excuses this year. No bad call should stop us. 

You have to get lucky and be very good to win it all in the NFL. We’ve got the very good…and since everybody is healthy we’ve got the luck…we’ve got the Dak so we got the luck several months ago.

The O-Line needs to Finish this Fight. The O-Line is the walls that surround Minas Tirith as orcs & beasts crash against it. The O-Line is the Viking shield wall. The O-Line is the Spartan Phalanx standing between the cliffs and the sea at the gates of fire as millions seeks to invade. The O-Line is the first, second, third, and last line of defense.

The O-Line is invisible to most people watching and that’s why they are the real heroes of football. Nobody sees them but they win & lose every football game.


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