Hey Meryl Streep, go “award” yourself 

Hey Queen Meryl! Meryl Streep queen of the Narcissists! This is what mocking a person with disabilities actually looks like:

Between cop killings (both cops being killed and cops killing people) and terrorist atracks this act disturbs me so much more…probably because it’s so animalistic. Those other crimes are actually far far worse because of course murder is worse than torture…but this is a strange evil. We’ve seen terrorism and we’ve responded to it, it’s produced heros and amazing tragic stories like the flight that fought back. It’s still a horrible unspeakable evil, but it’s an evil we have sadly grown accustomed to…I’ve never seen this before. I work with loads of people with special needs and the idea that anyone (regardless of skin color) would take one of them and do this…makes me sick all over…

PS the comments on that video are horrible. There are people saying things like spiks and niggers should be hung up! What the hell? What good is that going to do? That’s just a horrible evil thing to say. These 4 criminals deserve true regulated justice and the fullest punishment legally available, that’s it. After that they belong to God only. We need to learn to look past demographic and skin color when we judge evil. Evil doesn’t belong to any group of people it is equally available to any of us.


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