The Cinemax Theory of Infanticide

So there’s this blogpost:
I don’t agree with almost anything he wrote but it was well articulated.

The truth is that as obnoxious and uncomfortable as Trump is he can’t really be shown to be anymore racist than Obama, and Obama certainly has racist tendencies. Like attending the church of an evil racist pastor for years. But let’s grant that everybody who voted for Trump is racist. Fine. Racism is pretty bad. It leads to things like the holocaust. It doesn’t have to be that bad though, everyday run of the mill racism is what Trump represents if he represents Racism at all. So fine I voted for Trump, therefore I’m a racist. Like everybody else. I’m actually totally fine admitting that I have racist and evil feelings. These feelings have never controlled me…except I guess when I voted for Trump. So far I’m okay with that decision. Whatever racism he represents is a racism that I can live with, it hasn’t led to anything terrible yet. When it does or starts to look like it could  I’ll take responsibility for what I did in voting for Trump and actively oppose him to the best of my abilities (I realize this is a very uncomfortable argument, I’m making it to prove a point).

But you know what always leads to something evil? Murder. Well, murder just is evil. So fine I’m a racist. I’ll try to keep my racism from harming anybody. That’s just ordinary life for adult humans who aren’t pro Palestine (yes rooting for a made up country that desperately wants to annihilate the Jews is deeply racist) or members of the KKK. But Hillary is pro infanticide. In fact she’s the single most pro infanticide American politician ever. Obama is the previous holder of that title. Which am I more okay with being called?

A racist? 

Or someone who thinks that babies (we aren’t just talking about the evils of pre & partial birth infanticide because the exact same moral logic applies to 1 year olds) that inconvenience a woman should be murdered? Or that a baby should be murdered because it has Down Syndrome (something the Nazis would have applauded Richard Dawkins for supporting)? 

I’ll take my everyday pro Zionist “racism” over your Nazi infanticide every single goddamn day. Which is worse? Having a dislike for Mexicans or ripping the limbs off a baby and then selling it’s vital organs for profit? Disliking people who are different from you and learning to be civil and get along with them anyway is what we call life. Supporting Planned Parenthood and voting for Hilary makes you a murderer according to the Cinemax theory of racism.

50 million instances of “legal” infanticide since RvW. That’s what you voted for when you voted for Obama & Clinton. You gave a big thumbs up to 50 million murdered babies.

I was going to set a featured image but I started to feel sick while looking at my options. This post was partially tongue in cheek…abortion really is infanticide. This isn’t a joke, this is real. The country I love has allowed some horrible things to take place. The worst one will always be 50 million (and counting) murdered infants. This is the worst thing that has happened in human history. And it’s still going on. God have mercy on us and free us from this blight.


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