The Federalist is amazing 

No not the Federalist papers…those are quite amazing, but here I mean the website/blog/podcast. This maybe the single greatest source for news & politics today. Living in a world that only recently acknowledged we are “post truth” has filled the vacuous space we call the internet with mountains of nonsense. The Federalist has become an island in a vast landscape of refuse. If you’re a “progressive” don’t bother looking it up, you’ve decided that post truth applies to everyone but you…to be fair you “progressives” were post truth before everyone else so maybe you’re post post truth…which means you’re stupid.

In any case I kept trying to put into words why I hated Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Sermon so very much and The Federalist exolsined it so much better than I ever could:

But before this they made an amazing parody video that does such a good job of pointing out the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes:

One of the best things in the history of things!


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