Sherlock Season 4.2

I can’t remember the last time I actually watched a show on TV. It’s always DVD or Netflix or whatever. I forgot how fun it is. For one thing we don’t have a DVR or anything anymore so if ya gotta pee then you just miss stuff. That sounds annoying (because it is) but it feels more authentic and “old fashioned.” Such a small thing but I like it, I like the inconvenience of it. That sounds so dumb but I don’t care.

In any case this episode was quite good. And I felt like it actually “redeemed” the last episode. I don’t want to do any spoilers but Sherlock is always better when he’s on a case, when the “game is afoot.” This season has been “different” so far. Of course each season and each episode of the whole show has been different. These “movie” miniseries are often that way. But this season has been particularly strange. Sherlock’s character is really undergoing changes, but they’re apart of the story not just arbitrary changes.

I’d say Episode 4.2 deserves at least a 8/10. I’m very excited for the finale.


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