Did Jesus exist?

Yes he did. If you deny this then you must also deny the existence of Alexander the Great, King Leonidas, any of the Caesars…pretty much everything before video. Which makes denying the existence of Jesus not just factually incorrect but also plain stupid. Yeah that’s right: stupid. Richard Carrier, Robert Price, etc are all stupid. Not unintelligent, they clearly have good brains but they have chosen to warp their minds to a point far beyond polite disagreement. There is no civil space for this question, it doesn’t need to be tolerated. It’s proponents need to be tolerated and treated civilly just like holocaust deniers, but also just like holocaust deniers we do not need to be polite to this idea. It needs to be addressed for the sake of the poor people who are duped by it but the idea itself is remarkably idiotic. 



2 thoughts on “Did Jesus exist?

  1. While Jesus may have been real, which I do not deny, the fact is that his story is far fetched. Not to mention the fact that there were numerous religious prophets before Jesus who had the same birth, death & even performed some of the same miracles. All religions are kinda hard to believe once you really question them thoroughly


    1. Far fetched is relative to context. The iPad is far fetched depending on context. Your thinking it’s far fetched isn’t really relevant unless we’re discussing feelings instead of facts. But we’re not discussing your mental plausibility structures. I find it hard to believe that there are scientists like Lawrence Krauss that are willing to lie about the definition of “nothing” he exists. To most people the apostolic witness isn’t very “far fetched” at all but I don’t see how that has anything to do with whether what it records is true.

      That mythicist “pattern” argument makes no sense because it’s not an argument it’s an “observation” at best, and usually it’s an inaccurate observation. So give me the specific evidence you’re referring to and I’ll break it down for you. Mythicism is anti intellectual hogwash. There isn’t a single good piece of “evidence” for it. It’s pretty hard to prove the non existence of something. This is like the Flying Spaghetti Monster thing in reverse.

      Atlantis is a myth. We know that because Plato created the myth of Atlantis in a fictitious dialogue. Historical people with parallels to fiction or other historical people doesn’t indicate anything about anything. Mythicism is based on bad thinking. It’s simply illogical and asks for the apostolic witness to be treated differently then other ancient texts merely because it’s truth claims are uncomfortable for western progressive values.

      I doubt you’ve questioned anything thoroughly. If you had you wouldn’t have mythicist leanings. I agree that Islam especially can’t hold up to historical scrutiny but most other religions are “wisdom” traditions more than they are authoritative claims about the world. Your approach so far has essentially be intellectual snobbery, just materialist elitism. That’s not questioning or thorough, it’s just lazy.

      Watch the Habermas video and give me an argument for why he’s wrong.

      You need to deal with facts and arguments in these discussions. Your uninformed “opinions” aren’t really relevant. Give me something we can actually deal with in a real way rather than me having to tell you why this or that isn’t relevant.

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