Sherlock Season 4

Okay so here’s my Sherlock rankings so far

S1.1 9/10

S1.2 5/10

S1.3 9/10

S2.1 10/10

S2.2 4/10

S2.3 9/10

S3.1 8/10

S3.2 8/10

S3.3 10/10

The abominable Bride 7/10

And S4.1

I give 6/10.

I did not love this episode. It was alright but it seems like the creators have really lost their way. Holmes works best when he’s doing something. The character gets boring when you try to make him interesting. He becomes interesting when he is solving a case. That’s when relationships and character etc come into relation with him. Having him relate directly to others kills his ability to relate. He must relate through the actions of the case.

I am a huge fan of this show but it’s always been uneven. One episode is brilliant then one is a dud. These guys hit or they miss. This was a miss…


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