Poor little cats

I love my cats. I never thought I could be a cat person…but I am. They are so weird and strange. Dogs are wonderful servants and companions. They are great pets. Cats are…like little people. They aren’t actually great pets. They don’t feel like pets, they feel like tiny humans. They’re always doing their own thing. They express needs. They hide. They appear out of nowhere. They freak out. One day they want to be held, the next they want to follow you from room to room.

They are so funny. 

My neighbors have an Irish Wolfhound. I was out on our balcony having a little cigar with my morning coffee (a really little Cigar, by Captain Black the popular pipe tabacco company) and the Wolfhound came out for his morning pee and both Doc and Wyatt run out of the apartment to investigate. Their eyes get big and they keep moving around trying to get a better look at this…monster peeing. It was so funny. My cats don’t seem that little to me anymore, because they were really really little just a year ago. But this morning looking at the fear in their eyes I realized just how little they really are. Wolfhounds are like the size of an adult human…cats are like the size of a human baby. 

Often when my heart swells with affection for these odd furry creatures I see myself through God’s eyes. I am so little. So much tinier than a cat when compared to God’s infinite incomparableness. And he loves me so much more than I love these dumb cats. We spent $2,000 last year on surgery for Wyatt after he ate so much string that he was literally going to die if we didn’t have the vet remove it from his intestines. And we don’t have a lot of money. But it didn’t really hurt. It was like, well what else would we do. As Jesus said 2,000 years ago why do you worry about anything? Look at the birds, or the flowers! God gives them everything they need, how much more does he love you! If I am willing to spend thousands on dollars on a cat what is God willing to do for me? He literally gave us everything in his son. He literally paid an infinite gift of love for us.

It’s like Psalm 23. The Lord is my cat owner. I lack nothing. He takes me to the veterinarian when I eat too much string. He leads me to fancy feast. He empties my litter box.

Many of us have no connection to sheep. The image of the shepherd doesn’t mean as much to us as it did to King David. So the next time you think God doesn’t love you, don’t shame yourself just imagine you’re a poor little cat sitting on Jesus’ lap.


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