Proof of no God?

So the poorly educated and angry person I used to argue with has really hit a low. I’m starting to think this person may be mentally disabled or ill. I’m being serious about that. If that’s not an accurate assessment then they at least are choosing to be ignorant, because it’s not possible to believe things thus stupid through normal cognitive processes. Either this person has something wrong with them or they are choosing to recurve themselves.

Latest claim:

“Atheism is settled science – there is no god, there are no gods, there is nothing on that matter to discuss, give all that nonsense a rest, and get down to the real urgent matters of cognitive distress – and the litany is intact, stronger than ever, all defined by the depraved working of our supersystem.”

Science has nothing to say to whether or not there is or is not a god or gods. Any scientist who would make a claim this strong is simply an intellectual joke. This is a deeply idiosyncratic claim, only someone who is  mentally disabled or who chooses to. E evil can claim such a ridiculous thing. How would science disprove God? But measuring him? “Oh we looked and we couldn’t find him so we know he doesn’t exist. In fact we know nothing we don’t know about doesn’t exist.” That sounds stupid because it is. You could be agnostic based on “science” but not atheistic. Atheism is always based in philosophy (or emotion) but never science (in its modern definition).

But this poor soul goes on to betray their atheism by referring to distress. Distress is an emotion, a thing that it is like to be like. In other words they claim something immaterial and ethical right after claiming that God doesn’t exist. If mental states exist (like distress) and if it is wrong for people to be in such a painful mental state then materialism at least is false. Maybe God doesn’t exist but he can’t be logically excluded if you believe in oughts and minds. But this poor soul acts on their emotions only. They don’t reflect, they don’t understand how foolish they are. They could choose to be better but they are deeply arrogant and remarkably unvirtuous. They simply don’t care about truth. They care about how they feel and that’s it. No thought is given to reason or logic. They attend to their emotional need to express whatever feelings they are feeling as indicative of truth. It’s sad and evil. More importantly it’s the exact opposite of the cult of science that they worship at. It is anti fact. It is anti everything except their emotions.

Here’s more:

“Climate catastrophe lies just beyond polite conversation, but it is up on the Top Ten list of that litany, and currently going gangbusters in the reduction of sea ice in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. WordPress should be able to provide a safe haven for the mass of fairly knowledgeable humans to pen climate catastrophe freakouts, but this one harbinged doom is not the only destroyer of the reality of a better and inhabitable social world. The supersystem is infected by common invasions of corruption and irrational violence that constitute the working operations of anti-human social institutions. Economic inequality has many historical and on-going causes, but it too imperils the very hopes of poor and non-privileged people that there is any rational way for them to escape the crushing burdens of udner-employment and debt peonage. The global wars of empire are in a technowar phase of staggering reach and ill effect, killing the poor peoples of the oil- and energy-resource desert oases of thhe condemned Middle East. The prisons and shanty-towns and refugee confinements of the greater world are not minor irritations to the glory of a rich global regime of corporate capitalism, but are its dominant mode of living.”

The truth or falsity of any of these claims is irrelevant because this person has no basis for believing in right and wrong. That claim to be a nihilist. They claim to be a materialist. That means they believe there is no right or wrong. So income inequality (despite the fact that we have less income inequality worldwide than we ever have before) isn’t right or wrong for the nihilist…it just is. That’s irrational. It’s insane to claim there are no morals and then be morally outraged. That’s stupid. It makes no sense at all. Really only Christians should be concerned with climate change. Because only Christians have a clear vision that this planet matters. In fact it matters eternally. Because like ourselves when Jesus returns to rule the world he will resurrect this planet from its shameful state and turn it into our eternal home. And you might think that would mean we can treat it as shitty as we want because God will save it anyway but Paul makes the opposite claim in 1 Corinthians saying that the deeds done in the body are not in vain because of the resurrection! So this foolish person speaks out of both sides of their mouth and in the end only condemns themself. Their moral outrage is the purest form of bull shit.

And here:

“With these and other interconnected sources of social horror part of our rational and emotional bases of knowledge and thought, what goes into the practice of living? Simple denial that there is going to be anything wrong in our own sun-selected lives? Self-maintaining words of endemic happiness and supreme adaptability? The words that others say or type or depict are not necessarily reflective of their interior mental monologues. They could proclaim indifference, or some faithiest and bizarre trust in a “loving” and care-taking deity, all the birds-on-a-wire warbling and pontificating overlaid upon the internal reality of a brain in daily psychic freakout over the evident mounting crises outside the door and computer screen.”

This doesn’t really make sense at all. They seem to be displaying the freak out they are describing. But any reference to psychic, rational, or emotional anything denies their materialistic viewpoint. What they describe is a mental state not a physical one and therefore their world view is false. They destroy themself.

And finally:

“No, “things are not going to be all right.” Neither are these end times, or imminent doom. Humans are built to be heroes, supremely crafty and untrustworthy survival artists, stepping through the muck and mire to keep another dawn coming. This pop-tech western interregnum was fairly strange and mostly antithetical to that basic nature of humanity, but we are encountering a much more threatened social world than any parent or professor or Nobel Laureate or literary pantheonista could ever have forecast. That was not within their powers, but it will be within ours, as we get set for four of the most stupid years any empire has yet endured on its way down to decreptitude.”

Yeah things will be alright. They literally become a liberal prophet of Armageddon in this final paragraph. Maybe this person isn’t mentally ill maybe they just haven’t turned 21 yet. Maybe they don’t realize that 8 years of Obama isn’t the way things have always been. Maybe they are just a product of this time and it’s worship of fake moral outrage and the veneer of scientific credibility. Whatever the case their internal state is weak at best and they need to grow up. We don’t all need to agree on everything but I think everyone should be able to agree that dreck like this is far too common. Somewhere along the line this person should have become educated but instead they wereindoctrinated. It’s just sad. 


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