Is Trump a Neo Nazi?

I don’t really know. I doubt it. But the next time you hear or read that Trump is a Nazi remember the source probably affirms these things:

1. Darwinian Materialism 

2. Anti Christianity 

3. Some form of existentialism (Like Nihilism)

4. Government control of all resources, businesses, university, etc.

5. Pro euthanasia (abortion included)

6. Anti Semitism 

The last one seems strange but it also probably applies:

a) pro Palestine 

b) anti Zionism 

c) anti religion = anti both Muslims and Orthodox Jews, but for whatever reason Islam is allied with and defended (the Nazis were allied with Muslims based on ideological agreement)

d) refering to Trump as a Nazi undermines and ridicules the Shoah, this is a form of racism by implication, the same thing happens when Atlantic Chattel Slavery is compared to the Shoah or genocide in the Americas, the Shoah wasn’t necessarily the worst atrocity in world history but the intentional murder of 6 million Jews simply can’t be compared to enslavement or the conquering of the Americas (there are areas of overlap but they simply aren’t the same kind of thing). The person who claims that Atlantic chattel slavery was worse because it lasted longer and effected more lives in the long run is implying that death is better than life (which is a fundamental part of contemporary progressive values) and that the Shoah was merciful by comparison. It’s better not to compare and allow the specific sufferings of different groups to be what they are.

In other words the person claiming Trump is a Nazi probably has far more in common with the actual Nazis than Trump. I mean look at those beliefs! And these aren’t incidental beliefs, these are bedrock essential progressive beliefs.

Trump maybe racist but until someone shows me that his worldview has that much in common with Hitler’s (basically he’d have to become a progressive) the claim that he’s a Nazi or even Nazi like seems foolish.


2 thoughts on “Is Trump a Neo Nazi?

  1. His appeal during the campaign was in the fascist/legalist vein. Li Ci Ma and Han Fei would have approved. So did all those ‘white nationalists’ who came to that dog whistle. It’s a many-splendored group, but one which shares a fundamental belief that group identity is the source of individual worth.
    They share that with the NAZI’s though that doesn’t, by itself, make them NAZI’s.
    Trump himself? Looks more and more like he is just a guy with a narcissistic personality disorder and an instinct for marketing. The trouble isn’t with him, but with what he exposed.
    My guess is that one of them will shoot him (or try to) before too long. That lot despises a traitor to the cause above all else.


    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I don’t really think his appeal or rhetoric was fascist. I think that’s like calling Obama a communist. I think Trump is a naive Nationalist which in pretty much any country besides America is a kind of call to racial unity. Since of course nation really meant “race” historically. But America isn’t Germany or England or Japan, it’s a Nation made of the Nations. White isn’t a nation, it’s a tapestry that fights with itself constantly (especially the Irish until recently). In fact one could argue easily that the culture war is essentially an intra white conflict between what basically amounts to postmillenial Protestantism and ironically enough Catholicism and free church Protestantism. And Trump appealed to one side of that conflict and actively offended the other side (Clinton did the same thing in reverse). It’s no surprise that the skinheads like one of those sides better than the other but the true nature of the republic stands against that nonsense (whether Donald knows it or not).

      Also I don’t think Trump uses dog whistles (I think that’s often a convenient way for people to interpret others in “offensive” ways) but Trump isn’t exactly subtle. If you mean his rhetoric was a practical dog whistle i.e. it literally called certain kinds of whites like dogs with a whistle then that’s probably true but my understanding is that phrase means something like PC coded speech. Saying something offensive in a palatable way but your audience (usually whites) hears what you really mean. I really don’t see Trump using something that subtle

      I also think Narcissism is pretty off the mark. I mean honestly the Clintons are just as Narcissistic if not more so. Trump is far from a selfless businessman but the Clintons quite literally are in the business of the Clintons. The best theory I’ve heard so far is Trump is basically about revenge as the best model for success. It makes sense of pretty much everything he does. It also makes sense of his teetotalism. You never know when you may need to hit back hard, and if your senses are impaired…well it’s hard to get revenge when you’re drunk.

      But in any case the point of the post was to show that progressives are in fundamental agreement with the National Socialist party.

      Thanks again


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