Emotion and the election 

I sent this email to a really great podcast I listen to regularly (it’s actually about sports)

“Love the show you guys are great.

I just felt like the comment about emotion and the election was unfair, not because it’s not true, but because you basically characterized republicans as the party of emotion (since the 50s apparently) which makes no sense because people like me voted for Trump because of the abortion lobby more than anything else. Now maybe a lot of people voted for trump out of anger but a lot of people voted against him for the same reason and you can claim you agree with the emotions of one side over the other but that is determined by principle which means emotion isn’t the problem as much as principles. I think it’s clear (especially because of the response of anti trump Americans) that emotion was a huge part of both sides of this election. Which side’s emotions are correctly & virtuously aligned is something that can only be determined through reason and truth. I’m sure there are people who had no problem with his rhetoric (I wasn’t one of them unless it was purely a political ploy to win the election…I couldn’t say those things but I can see how a rational person could to try to win an election…and clearly it worked…but almost anything would’ve worked against Hilary apparently, Bernie would’ve given Trump a harder fight). In any case I respect you guys and you’re civility, I get that many people think voting for Trump is like voting for Hitler (and I think sentiments like that are anti semitic) and I don’t want anybody to vote for Hitler or someone like Hitler. I just thought that emotion comment was unfair because it seems obvious to me that emotion ruled everyone in this election except for people who voted specifically because of issues. I know Trump isn’t a strong pro life candidate but Pence is and Hillary actually scandalized many democrats in her rhetoric for abortion, especially when it came to the Hyde amendment which is supposed to keep federal taxes from paying for abortions but from my perspective that is far worse than Trump’s racism, mysogny etc, because (and I know this is naive but i really felt like my conscience would be violated otherwise) I don’t know if Trump believes that stuff (he has no track record) but Hillary will try to make sure my taxes fund abortions, which to me is essentially forcing me to support murder. And if I’m forced into that situation …I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, because every single argument for abortion is completely fallacious. So I’m supposed to just accept it? This election sucked for me and lots of Christians because of this. I had to act against emotion (I love in California). I don’t feel like I can tell people I voted for trump because to them that’s like saying “I hate Mexicans” and that’s just not fair or right. I voted for what I thought was ultimately right and I didn’t feel good about who I voted. 
Sorry so long, you guys are great. I just felt the need to address that comment.”
This election was really hard for a lot of Christians. You can hate us and call us names, and you know what I’m not surprised because Jesus promised us we would be hated if we followed him. I’m not saying that if you didn’t vote for Trump you aren’t following Jesus, but many Christians voted their conscience and this was a very tough decision. I’m not saying cut us slack, ultimately I really don’t care. What is right is more important to me than what others think or say.

As Paul wrote to the church in Corinth: “My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me.”

Maybe I was wrong but my fate is in no one’s hands but Jesus. He knows if I was wrong and only he is capable of removing my sin. Sticks and stones may break my bones but nothing can take me away from my savior.


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