Millenials…we suck…but Jesus still loves us

This is so true:

I know it’s true because this stuff is true of me…just like Chesterton responded when asked what the problem is with the world, I must answer the question what is wrong with millenials: I am. This crap bag of a generation is me. The only reason my life hasn’t been a complete waste is because of Jesus. Some things in my life have been connected to him. Some things I’ve done have been for him.

Thankfully I’m still alive, by God’s grace, and that means I still have a chance to serve him. And thankfully by God’s Grace I can’t merit salvation, it can only be offered freely. So thankfully by God’s Grace my horrible choices can’t keep me from having hope. All hope in man is futile, all hope in Jesus is undefeatable. God doesn’t love us because we deserve it, he loves us because we need it.


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