A Strange Messiah 

The director of Doctor Strange went to my undergrad college: Biola University. He graduated many years before I did.

Here’s an old article on him:


Doctor Strange was really good and it has loads of Derrickson’s film ethos in it, there are certainly deep elements of Christianity in the DNA of this version of Strange. Maybe they were always there, I only recently read some Strange comics (the current run has been awesome).

I think for me the biggest take away was that (no spoilers) brokenness really is the key to life. Superheroes show us that all the time but it was particularly poignant in this film. The embracing of the imperfect self is the most important aspect of life and probably the most difficult. Trying to control the world is often the best way to destroy it, humans aren’t God, we need to find our place in the world. Until we do we are working against the grain of the universe.


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