Retro Arcade

So last night my wife and I went to this cool new retro arcade. I played probably a dozen or more games I’ve never had the chance to play on a cabinet. That’s like seeing Star Wars in an actual theatre for the first time! It’s pretty epic.

But I also had a first first I never thought I would ever experience. Setting a high score on a cabinet. This was the game:

I’d never heard of it before. It isn’t a great game but it’s fun and it took a little work to get the 138,000 points I needed to take the top spot (I’m not bragging, that isn’t very high but these machines haven’t been plugged in at this location very long).

Still it was fun to enter my initials.

I managed to get 3rd on Joust…if I had a few more HOURS I would’ve gotten 1st!

If you’ve never seen Chasing Ghosts: Beyond the Arcade, or King of Kong: A fistful of quarters, or Man vs Snake and you like retro arcade games then you owe it to yourself to find and watch those docs. They are so awesome. My wife and I both played a few rounds on Nibbler just because of the third documentary, that game is hard. But it’s far more deserving of inclusion in the classics than something like Tron, and almost no one has heard of it! 

And for the Atari Fans this is a must see:

Actually that last one is a must see no matter what…I actually cried at the end of that one…also it reveals the dark secret connection between Doc Brown and Westeros!!!! Back to the Ice & Fire!

No I take that back…they’re all must sees!!!! 


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