Nemesis End: The God of Sorrows

It’s not fun anymore. It’s just sad. And I mean really sad, not pathetic…tragic.

I think this is my last comment to my Nemesis:

“We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” – The prophet Isaiah 

There is hope. But it isn’t a stupid hope. It’s a hope that begins with nihilistic despair.
Psalm 88 is the only lament Psalm (the most numerous genre of Psalms) that ends without hope: you have taken from me friend and neighbor, darkness is my closest friend.
This is why I trust Jesus. He doesn’t lie. The world is shit. Everything is wrong. Nothing is right. The most authentic, the most impossible to disprove verse of the Gospels is the cry of dereliction. Jesus admits he has been abandoned by his father, God has rejected God. Yet he quotes Psalm 22. A Psalm that begins in terrible prophetic lament and ends with victory.
God has literally died as the nihilists used to claim…but he didn’t stay dead. Jesus came back from death. Despair and hope. Hope based in despair.
You can keep mocking the world’s problems with this blog, pretending they don’t bother you, pretending you’ve found meaning in “fun social nihilism” when everyone knows that’s a farce or you can give up and find true hope in the God of sorrow. This is the reason the poor and marginal have always flocked to Jesus: he is not their opiate, he is their smelling salts. Jesus was homeless, Jesus was isolated, persecuted, and unjustly murdered. Jesus was lynched. 
Deny his existence with feeble mythist arguments, it doesn’t matter, the ultimate proof of his power are the poor: the poor belong to him. That’s why he sent Mother Theresa to India. That’s why he called Saint Francis from wealth to poverty. That’s why he came from his father to become one of us.
The other gods and philosophers call us to be strong, but the God who is there calls us to be weak. You are trying to be strong but you aren’t. Embrace your weakness, give up and join true humanity. Don’t waste your life anymore.”
This person is in a lot of pain, they are lost and until they want to be found nobody can help them.


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