Top ten podcasts

This changes a lot because I’m subscribed to about 60 podcasts…so maybe this is just my favorites for 2016…so far…

1. The Briefing by Albert Moehler

It’s amazing that he’s able to do this podcast every week day. The quality of the content is remarkably high and deeply relevant. Moehler will be remembered as an Evangelical giant (warts & all).

2. Thinking in Public by Albert Moehler

I’m really am not that big a fan of Moehler (evidence to the contrary) but his podcasts are really great. I find his dogmatic adherence to mechanistic 6 day creationism to be both troubling and kind of heroic (watch the South Park episode about the Redskins and you may see what I mean). Also getting Mike Licona fired was pretty terrible. Moehler was just flat out factually incorrect in the way he dealt with the issue of inerrancy in that case, but part of why I respect the man so much is that he’s old school. He’s a man of integrity who acts on what he believes. But like all of us he’s not perfect. He’s also a former journalist and extremely well educated/well read/deeply sourced/scholarly etc. Thinking in public is simply an amazing resource for Christians and intellectuals. So so…so good…it just has become so infrequent, otherwise it would be my #1. He used to get one out every month. Now it seems like it’s every 2 or 3 months. He’s a busy guy so I’m just happy he does it at all.

3. MonsterTalk

I have loved cryptozoology & megafauna my whole life. I still remember a missionary from Africa telling me stories about 40 foot crocadiles and pythons that swam to Madagascar. I think I was 7 at the time and I bought it hook line and sinker. Or Ken Ham talking about Mkele Mbembe at Irving Bible Church. Or…I could go on and on. But this podcast is so great because it’s basically Thinking in Public with skeptics (and nerds) and of course about monsters instead of culture/theology. But the guys behind this podcast are really smart, cool, and civil. And they do a great job getting hold of experts and interesting guests. This podcast has really opened my eyes to how much fake stuff is out there and how important being skeptical is for a coherent Christian worldview (despite their protestations to the contrary this podcast suffers greatly from dogmatic materialism and ghettoized “science”). I  disagree with some of the fundamental assumptions at play here but despite that they’re doing a really great job, and I just learn so much every time I “tune in.” Additionally I feel so challenged and exhilarated by the wealth of information. Blake’s puns are nauseating…but he’s a nice dude so I’ll forgive him.

4. Serial 

Everybody loves this one…it’s great!

5. The Dice Tower

This podcast and the YouTube videos basically got me into board gaming. Tom Vasel and all these guys are awesome. Don’t believe me? Check out this video:

6. The Federalist Radio Hour

Just really high quality conservative political discussion. Being weekdaily makes it a huge plus.

7. You Must Remember This

I love old Hollywood. I love stories. I love movies. I love Karina Longworth! Even when she does those dumb character line readings (they all sound like a bad Katharine Hepburn imitation). The content and production values are just really great.

8. Unbelievable?

I don’t often learn much from this podcast anymore but it’s always entertaining and interesting. If you are interested in religion at all it’s worth checking out.

9. 5 Live Sports Podcasts

I listen to a lot of sports podcasts! Since cutting cable I’ve had to become more proactive about getting sports coverage. Maybe I’ll do a list of my top Ten sports podcasts. But for now I’m just saying 5 live sports coverage, the football one is probably my favorite but BBC stuff in general is fantastic and their sports coverage is very good.

10. Peeranormal

Heiser is one of the coolest evangelicals out there. His interests are so wide ranging and he’s really smart. I love Fortean paranormal stuff and the fact that they only discuss peer reviewed stuff on this podcast is just so original! I love it. This will probably be higher eventually but it’s very new so we’ll see.


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