Top Ten Gateway Dice Games

Bang! The dice game (possibly available at target or wal mart)
Camel Up
King of Tokyo (available at target)
Liar’s dice (you can make a copy by just having a cup per person and 5 dice per person, then just find the rules online, there’s tons of versions of it on amazon I’ve linked to the spiel des jares winning version, that’s like the best picture Oscar for board gaming, Catan won it)
Qwixx (available at target)
Rolling America (available at target)
Saint malo
Teenage mutant ninja turtles Dice masters (all the dice masters versions are great but this is the only complete set, the rest are starter sets for a collectible game)
Zombie dice or Dino Dice (available at target, they’re the same game with a different theme, and they both have a free iOS app)
Zooloretto: the dice game


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