Top Ten Gateway Coop Games


1) is it a good game?

2) is it easily available (i.e. Not out of print & hopefully at a big box store)

3) is it truly entry level?

4) is it fun?

5) is it affordable (i.e. Under $50, preferably under $20)

1. Hanabi (meets all 5 criterion perfectly)

2. Forbidden Island (5/5, also excellent iOS app)

3. Forbidden Desert (5/5, also excellent iOS app)
4. The Grizzled (4/5 only available online or a board game store)

And the essential expansion which includes solo play: At your orders

5. Pandemic: The Cure (4/5 possibly available at target)

Next step games:

1. Star Trek Five Year Mission (5/5, didn’t make the top 5 because those are simply better than this game) also known as Star Trek Roll for it! AHAHAHAHA, seriously though it’s fun

2. Flash Point Fire Rescue (4/5, most likely online only)

3. Pandemic (5/5, but I feel like it’s difficulty & complexity push the limits of gateway games, also an excellent android & iOS app)

4. Samurai Spirit (4/5)

5. Red November  (3/5)
Honorable Mentions:
Castle Panic (a whole series of semi cooperative games all entitled ___ panic. They are simple & fun)

Ghost Stories (extremely, notoriously difficult, also an excellent iOS app)
Justice League Axis of Villains

Max (a very simple children’s game but a good introduction for children & anyone who likes very simple games, has an iOS app)

Onirim (shouldn’t be this expensive for long, I’m pretty sure it’ll get reprinted, also it’s only a 1-2 player game, now it has an excellent iOS app)

Shadows Over Camelot &/or Or the Card Game version (both can be semi cooperative with the traitor option)

Star Wars Rebel Mission (very simple & very random but fun)

Tiny Epic Defenders

The Walking Dead: the best defense

& there are many many more the 


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