The Flash Season 1

This show is pure joy. 

I wept for about 5 minutes during the end of the finale. It was so moving. These guys are making old fashioned superhero magic fresh again. 

If you haven’t watched it yet go watch it. Don’t worry about Arrow. It’s gotten a lot better but The Flash started amazing and Arrow starred okay and became good. When you get to the crossover episodes you can decide if you want to get into Arrow.

The simple fact is that we have an embarrassment of riches of geek media available to us these days. From the Doctor Who reboot to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the Arrowverse to new Star Trek and Star Wars movies…we now have 2 trilogies of films based on the writings of Tolkien (one is clearly superior to the other) and 2 separate but concurrent Godzilla franchises (and the American franchise is going to incorporate King Kong as well). Zombies are everywhere…man it’s good to be a geek!


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