The only crappy thing about CW’s The Flash

Candice Patton…oh man she’s awful. Granted I’m only just now wrapping up Season 1 so maybe she gets better…but right now this show is basically perfect…except for her unbievability as a human. She has zero chemistry with either men she’s supposed to have feelings for and she always looks wonderstruck in the dumbest way possible.

I just watched a flashback scene where she was quite moving for the first time, so maybe the future is bright but so far it’s been basically all on Grant Gustin to convince people that Iris is important to this story. 

Here’s hoping, because until this year I didn’t care at all about these characters. The amazing Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox changed my mind forever. Now The Flash (Barry Allen) is one of my favorite characters. And I never would’ve watched that film if Kevin Smith hadn’t talked about Kevin Conroy’s amazing but brief performance in Flashpoint on his podcast Fatman on Batman. With just a few words Conroy reduces me to tears (admittedly like Mr Smith, this is not hard to do). But the Flash is a highly underrated superhero and it’s really awesome to see him get such a wonderful treatment by the CW thanks to Berlanti, Kreisberg, and the inestimable Geoff Johns!

Also the Mark Hamil episode may be the single greatest thing in the history of things. And I think it’s basically an icon of the cult/geek/comic zeitgeist we’re currently swirling in. I will probably do a post on that someday.


5 thoughts on “The only crappy thing about CW’s The Flash

    1. Shhhh, I only just finished season 1 and it was so beautiful it turned me into a cry baby. But I cry at superhero stuff almost as much as Kevin Smith.

      Did you like season 1 and then grew to dislike the show after that? Man I loved Season 1

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